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Tiptoz was founded to give children in rural areas of Kansas the opportunity to develop their dance careers and experience dance at a higher level than is typically available to rural communities. Tiptoz Dance Company specializes in both recreational and competitive dance, as well as some adult fitness classes. The company offers many dance scholarships and training programs to dancers and potential dance instructors and performs throughout Kansas for various organizations and events.

Tiptoz is always looking to share our resources and help other rural communities develop their own, specialized dance programs. If you are interested in starting a dance studio in your community, please contact us and we will be happy to help you get started with your own Tiptoz Dance Studio. 

Tiptoz is also looking to partner with Public and Private Universities that want to offer dance education and internships for their students as dance instructors, and even dance program managers. 
Mission: Tiptoz aims to raise the level of dance education in Kansas, especially in rural communities by networking with surrounding dance resources. Tiptoz is committed to providing lasting dance programs that help teach children the many skills and joys associated with dance and the performing arts. 
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