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Tiptoz offers several options for Company dancers. These dancers will travel to learn and perform outside of their communities and have special production level routines at our annual recital. Soloists, Duets, and Trios are considered part of our Company. There are specific class requirements and an audition process for the Tiptoz Company dancers. Dancers may chose whether they participate in Shine, the competition dance team, Troop, the hip hop dance team, or Big Broadway.

Company Members

CG Shine Teams:

Captain: Ally Hower
Kiele Tyner, Abby Allen, Abby Bachura, Brittley King, Taygean Gentz, Cienna Good*, Laine Johnson*, Abby Elliot*

Diamond: Captain Marlie Hayes
Neenah Hestermann, Marlie Hayes, Lucille Palmquist, Hannah Peterson
Captain: mazie hayes
ada troxell, peyton ryff,  
Quinley Sowers, Claudia Simecka, Declan Sanromani*

Captain:Maddyn Hayes
Tenley Wilkens, Daphne Troxell, Collison Sanromani

*Indicates that dancer is cast as an understudy


CG Company Soloists:

1. Brittley King
2. Peyton Ryff *
3. Kiele Tyner

4. Hannah Peterson*
5. Ada Troxell*
6. Hallie Frazier 
7. Marlie Hayes*
8. Abby Elliot 
9. Neenah Hesterman
10. Ta
ygean Gentz 
11. Mazie Hayes

* Indicates Choreography should be learned in the summer 
Senior Soloist: ABby Allen, Ally Hower, Abigail Bachura, Camryn Frazier

CG Duets/Trios:

1.Abby Allen & Brittley King 
Hip Hop

2. Hallie & Camryn Jazz
3.Taygean & Abby Hip Hop
4.Collison & Daphne
5. Daphne and Maddyn


CG Hip hop troop:
This routine will be taught on July 20th
Group 1:  marlie hayes, Neenah Hesterman, Lucille Palmquist, Hannah Peterson, Mazie Hayes, Peyton Ryff, Quinley Sowers, Claudia Simecka, Ada Troxell, Taegan Wilkens*

Group 2:  Tenley WIlkens, Maddyn Hayes, Declan Sanromani, Collison Sanromani, Daphne Troxell, Bria Forge, Addison Beardslee, Brynley Granado*
*Indicates that dancer is cast as an understudy

big broadway:
Senior big broadway: (School Year)
Ally Hower, Kiele Tyner, Abby Allen, Abby Bachura, Brittley King, Taygean Gentz, Abby Elliot, Laine Johnson*, Camryn Frazier, Hallie Frazier, Cienna Good*

junior Musical Theater: (Summer choreography)
Group 1:Marlie Hayes, Lucille Palmquist, Hannah Peterson, mazie hayes, ada troxell, peyton ryff,  Quinley Sowers, Claudia Simecka,
Group 2:
Declan Sanromani, Maddyn Hayes, Tenley Wilkens, Collison Sanromani, daphne Troxell

Wamego shine:
DiamonD: Annie Jantz - Captain
Elizabeth BOllhoefner, Lacy Braley, Jennah Hahn,
Gold: Ryli Sorell - Captain
Emily Poell, 
ava morga, Allyson Herbel
Glitter:Cassidy Eichman, Emerson Hopkins, Blake Mayer, ALEYX CHEESEMAN, birklie Meyer *

Wamego soloists:
 Ryli Sorell, Annie Jantz, Emily POell, Ava Morgan, Elizabeth BoLlhoefner, Lacy Braley, ALEYX CHEESEMAN

Wamego Duets:
ALEYX CHEESEMAN & Clara Morgan (hip hop), Cassidy Eichman & Emerson Hopkins

Wamego Troop:
 Ryli Sorell, Annie Jantz, Emily POell,  Elizabeth BoLlhoefner, Lacy Brayley,  Cassidy Eichman, Emerson Hopkins, Clara Morgan, ALEYX CHEESEMAn, Blake Mayer, Allyson Herbel, Ava Morgan, birklie Meyer
Peyton LattimeR*

2022 -2023 Shine Dates:  
(Subject to change)

June 12th: Auditions

July 1 & 2: CG Solos/Duets/Trios with Miss Grace Choreography

July 1 Evening Solo/Duet Wamego with Miss Grace

July 5, Summer Choreography Classes Begin

July 7-8, Wamego Shine Gold/Diamond Team routine with Miss Grace (Also practicing the evening of 7/14)

July 15: CG Elite Contemporary Choreography (Highschool)

July: 20 TROOP/CG (Wednesday, 10 am - 2 p.m. with break for lunch)

August 1: Fall Enrollment

Sept. 11, Wamego Shine Team Pictures (In Wamego)

Sept. 19, CG Shine Team Pictures

Oct. 1: Oztoberfest, Wamego

Oct. 7-9: Sethfest, Council Grove

Oct. 16: Dance Directive (Overland Park Convention Center)

Oct. 21-23 NUVO Tulsa (Teachers)

Candlelight Charm: Nov. 12th (Second Saturday, Council Grove)

Branson Talent On Parade Holiday Showcase (Optional) Dec. 2-4


All Team Lock In (at CG), Dec. 17



March 3-5, Dance Champs, Topeka

March 24-26, Inferno, Kansas City

April 28-30 Talent On Parade, Topeka, KS (Optional for solos, duets, trios, and small groups)


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